Amritsar, the Holy City, offers the spiritual satisfaction and inner-peace, with it’s religious importance a great Heritage. The city not only provides it’s tourists a visit to the most important pilgrimage of the Sikh Community, “The Golden Temple”, but also several tourists places, including the monuments, the historical places, several religious shrines and many authentic Food Joints to satisfy your taste buds.

The journey starts from entering through the huge Entrance Gate, if one comes by road.

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The most famous and the religious place every devotee wants to visit is the ‘Golden Temple’

Amritsar, being a historical place, attracts not only the local visitors but also the foreign tourists. Punjab Tourism has been increased to a large extent, compared to past few years, due to the promotion of Amritsar as a tourist place, crossing the International boundaries. The International tourists are highly influenced by the mesmerizing beauty and the Spiritual peace ‘Golden Temple’ serves.

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The visitors visit the recently established ‘Heritage Lane’ along the path to reach ‘Golden Temple’, enjoy the ambience of the place along with the special food items, ‘the City’ offers. In addition to this, several other tourist places are now open that Visitors relish during their stay in Amritsar.

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Everyone knows about ‘Golden Temple’ now. Here, are few other must-visit places in the city.

‘Jallianwala Bagh’, a historical‚Äč place where the killing of hundreds of unarmed civilians occurred on April 13,1919; by the British Army. The visitors visit the place to get educated about thi massacre, whose horrifying memories are still alive within the people of the city.

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The ‘Wagah Border’ presents the Flag Retreat Ceremony, done on the Indo-Pak army Outpost. The Soldiers from both the countries march drill perfectly and follow the intended steps of bringing down their respective National Flags. The viewers applaud seeing the beautiful ceremony, rising the National spirits among them.

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These tourist places are known to all and almost every person goes to these places during their visit to Amritsar. Besides, there are few other worth watching places for the one who seeks the knowledge of the rich history the city has.

The historical fort was under army for several years but now is open for public. The fort was conquered by the bravest king and warrior, Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 19th century. The architecture of the fort and the ways used to educate the visitors about its history are the main attractions offered. The 7D show on the life history of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, ‘Light and Sound’ show, the ‘Coin Museum’ and the ‘Ancient Warfare Museum’ serves their informative purpose very well. The cultural actives, authentic food kiosks and a few fun activities keep the children engaged. The Gobindgarh Fort is a great place for photography due to it’s age-old Architecture.

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The place represents the heroic acts performed by the brave martyrs who saved the sacred soil of Punjab. The museum includes the eight separate galleries, that are established to represent the heroic deeds and sacrifices by the sixth Guru of Sikhs ‘Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’ till the Kargil operation in 1999.

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‘Sadda Pind’ meaning ‘our village’ is place spreading around few acres, that replicates any Punjab village in the most realistic way anyone could. This place connects the tourists with the heritage of Punjab, thereby including the mud houses, people greeting you in the traditional way, offering the tradition food and many fun activities are included to connect the kids and youngsters with the heritage. Many traditional crafts can be learned and one can explore the cultural and traditional sports, events that used to be performed in the village. A half day tour makes you feel the ambience of a village fair in the best way that could be done. Guests rooms are available to make the visitors experience the stay at a Traditional Punjab village.

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Along with these few best places to visit, one can walk around the streets to explore the flavours of Punjab, meet the new people there and feel the warmth they offer. A complete 2 to 3 day tour is sufficient to enjoy your visit to the city.

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