About us

Purple Petal Writing Service is an Online Writing Service which offers numerous writing services. We believe in assisting students in accomplishing their writing tasks with their involvement, to make them master the art of writing well. We also procure Content Writing Services for businesses through website content and Social Media.

About Founder (Avneet Kaur)

I am an Instantaneous, creative and passionate writer who is inquisitive, research oriented, thoughtful, and keenly entrepreneurial at work. My credibility in engineering has bestowed me with a logical mind that helps me in cheerfully taking initiative for every new work.  I have been researching, writing articles and research papers since 2 years and eventually published around 10 papers in conferences and renowned journals during this course of time.  I adopted writing as profession a year ago and my passion for writing still burns strong. I seek the utmost pleasure in competently fabricating clear and concise piece of write-ups. Besides, I enthusiastically design “Creative Branding Designs” and manage social media accounts of firms.


I take the privilege in sharing with you all that I am a passionate writer and I take the utmost pride in being the one. As we all know that it requires a great effort to convey our thoughts to others and at the same time it is difficult to influence others with your ideas, I adopted writing to present my thoughts to others then started offering my services to others by enhancing their content with my write-ups. With continuous efforts, I gathered much experience over a period of time.


  • Psychology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Nature
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Travel blogs


  • Strong knowledge on various niche
  • Good English writing skills
  • Sound Technical knowledge
  • Open to explore other subjects and fields


Writing is my hobby that has developed into a passion. I love reading new articles, poems and fictional content. I want to deliver my words to thousand ears. Some thoughts just hit our mind, and they can become master piece. Everyone has a way of telling others what they feel, mine is.. to pen down whatever comes in my mind. Some of my creative writings  just came as an idea and took a well-defined shape. 

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