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What Else our Parents need..!!

What else our parents need, just our time, care and respect indeed.. They spend their life fulfilling our dreams, They don’t want anything except their child’s well being.. They have given us everything, Whether it be clothes, money, education or food to eat.. What else our parents need, Just a bit of our time, a …



The time when nothing was going right, A mother is scared of that horror night.. Everyone is against her, she is having a big fight, She finds no one to tell her plight.. She tried a lot, to stop everyone, all in vain, There is no one to feel her severe pain.. She tried saying …


The Air we breathe..

  Weather was changing , so was changing my mood, Was feeling low, when God asked me in the flow.. Why being so sad, what is bothering your sight, You are so blessed and everything is alright.. What’s the thing that’s running in your mind, You need to talk to yourself, as no one else …


Follow your heart❤️

To the world that runs, I couldn’t find words, to let them see, what I always feel.. They are the ones for whom we live, is this right to sacrifice our peace..!! I don’t understand , why we are doing so, We are just making others control our soul..!! Why is this happening, this is …

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