Weather was changing , so was changing my mood,
Was feeling low, when God asked me in the flow..
Why being so sad, what is bothering your sight,
You are so blessed and everything is alright..

What’s the thing that’s running in your mind,
You need to talk to yourself, as no one else is gonna find..
You are living a nice life,
What else you need , tell me.. ‘my child..’
I replied to God, the world has changed a lot,
It is nothing like what you made it before..

When I see the mother nature, i feel very light,
But when I try to breathe in this lovely air you provide..

I feel very sad as it cannot be right,
I feel suffocated instead of feeling nice..
What’s this.. that is choking me for a while,
Then, I immediately take back my sigh..
As if I breathe in this air, even for a while,
For having fresh air, this will be my big fight..
The polluted environment , is making me sick,
I wish there could be some way to feel fit..
Everyone is having trouble, just a few ones are all right,
I feel sad when I think what would  our future be like..

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