The time when nothing was going right,

A mother is scared of that horror night..

Everyone is against her, she is having a big fight,

She finds no one to tell her plight..

She tried a lot, to stop everyone, all in vain,

There is no one to feel her severe pain..

She tried saying a hundred times, that she is a mother,

how can this cruel world, take away (kill) her daughter..

When she thinks this is the last time she is facing this torture,

She is forced to bear that trauma, again,  over and over..

It keeps on going, as she accepts that she has to suffer,

There is no misery to a girl born in this world, Why..I wonder!

The girls are killed before coming to this world,

Yes, they are safer in the God’s kingdom..

The daughters are not safe, a mother is crying,

She is not able to bring back that smile..

This is the society in which we are,

when it comes to save girls , they choose to stay far, apart..

The girls are not safe in any abode,

Anywhere they are, they have to suffer a lot..

They are taught to bear the wrong,

But why girls.. this is the time to be  strong..!!

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