What else our parents need,
just our time, care and respect indeed..

They spend their life fulfilling our dreams,
They don’t want anything except their child’s well being..

They have given us everything,
Whether it be clothes, money, education or food to eat..

What else our parents need,
Just a bit of our time, a little care and respect indeed..


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As they cared for us, during our rough days,
How can we leave them alone during their tough days..

They are the ones who made us stand on our own,
When they need us, how can we leave them alone..

They stood by our side like a big Stone,
Saved us from rain, heat and thunderstorm..


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We are living a comfortable life by their grace,
They don’t want anything except seeing our happy face..

What else our parents need,
Just being a lovable part of our life, happier times and our support indeed..

It’s the ethical, social, psychological and emotional responsibility of a child,
to take care of his/her parents well, keep them happy and make them feel alive..


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