Essentially, travelling is an inevitable part of our lives. Most of us find the pleasure of life in travelling to the best places in the world. As it is said, “life is a book and those who don’t travel read only single page”, travelling is important not only to satisfy the holiday moods or to enjoy the scenic beauty of the places, but also to gain the knowledge of cultural evolution that signifies the diverse nature of the people residing in different parts of the world.

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I am a kind of person who never misses a single chance to travel. As soon as I got an opportunity to spend a considerable time in Malaysia, I quickly grabbed it. That was a six day tour and I got the most out of it. Malaysia is a land of cultural diversity, accumulating the various Asian communities, including Bangladeshi, Indians, Pakistani being the maximum. Malaysia is mostly a country with Islam being the most professed religion and a large number of people from Muslim community from different parts of the world have settled there.

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The multi-community nature of people residing there, accounts for the variety of authentic flavours around the globe available in Malaysia.The locality including the maximum number of people from a specific community, thereby considering Indian community here, is labeled as “Little India” that includes a huge number of Indian restaurants, shops and residences. The Indian tourists and the other people enjoy the ambience of the place as if they are in India, justifying it’s name as Little India (in Malaysia)

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I found the people in Malaysia really warm and their generosity can be seen in the way they offer the way to pedestrians while travelling by their vehicles. As per my perspective, they are of a helping nature and always reply in a humble voice tone with a smile on their face.

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Kuala Lumpur, being the capital, offers many tourist places for the visitors. The sky high Petronas Twin towers are a treat to the eye, the the mesmerizing beauty of the KL towers, view it’s cultural significance at Independence Square, wonderful King’s place, the night view of the KL city and the Batu caves to enjoy some beautiful Hindu Art. Many mosques to visit, the National Mosque being one of them, many malls for shopping and restaurants to relish different cuisine food.

Batu Caves, Petronas Twin Towers
KL Tower and King’s Palace- Malaysia

The memorable stuff for family and friends can be purchased from local sovereign shops, China Town is the famous market to get cheaper items, but you need to be good enough at bargaining. Taste the authentic food items and local sweets there.

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China Town
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Diversity in Food

A variety of chocolates can be purchased for the ones having sweet tooth, from the Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom, the chocolate factory and purchasing unit.

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One can enjoy for a full day in Sunway Lagoon theme park that includes six types of theme parks.

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Genting Highlands is one of the most popular vacation spot for the tourists, several activities are available to enjoy, including the cable car, theme park, adventurous flying fox, games and snow world etc.

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Genting Highlands

The temperature is quite humid and the rain can be expected any time.
There are many islands in Malaysia, to beat the heat of Summers for the perfect beach holiday. Langkawi Island and Penang Island are the most famous ones that give you the best beach Vacation. Malaysia is surrounded by more than 15 islands.

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Langkawi Island
Penang Island

Visit Malaysia (truly Asia) to see the fusion of Malaysian culture with several other Asian cultures, the authentic food, warmth of the people and many tourist attractions to take you to the holiday of your dreams.

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