I am a kind of person who never misses a single chance of travelling and exploring novel places, as I believe I cannot read just one chapter of the book, called life. So, I quickly grab every chance of travelling to a new place. Travelling to far away places not only makes us feel the essence of the place but also makes us socialize and gain knowledge about diverse cultures and life of people there. I have been very fond of mountains and beaches since childhood. So, these are the two things that excite me the most.


The crashing sound of waves, ambience of the surroundings, people enjoying various water activities or just relaxing out, makes me feel much happier. Also, mountains make a straight way to my heart with their natural scenic beauty and peaceful environment. The photographic sessions can’t just be kept awaited over such mesmerising locations. I intend to be spellbound and wish to get lost inside the exquisite landscapes, that is nature’s pure bliss.

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Early this year, me and my husband travelled to Langkawi island, a magnificent place to visit, famous among tourists for its beautiful landscapes and relaxing beaches. We chose this place to avoid the hustle of metropolitan cities and to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time together. So, we planned our trip to this pleasing location. Everyone wishes to relax during the vacation. We both have always fantasized about the distinctive and secluded locations. As I had been a fan of beaches and mountains, I was enchanted to know about our plan to such a unique place that’s a blend of both.


Langkawi island is approachable by air or sea. We chose to go by air and took a flight from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur and then to Langkawi island. The time span for which we were travelling to reach our hotel in Langkawi, we enjoyed every moment by praising the beauty of the place. When we reached our hotel, named Bella Vista Waterfront, made us utter wow instantly.

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We couldn’t resist ourselves to praise the location of the hotel as it was literally a water front accommodation. Just along the premises of the hotel, the prepossessing blue water of Andaman Sea could be speculated. This ultimate location played a major role in making us enjoy the enchantress of the site even indoors.

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We inquired about the most enchanting tourist sites on the island, from the reception. Firstly, we visited Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach), that is happened to be the coolest beach of Langkawi. We hired a taxi and reached the beach.

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This is certainly the most happening beach of the place. Numerous water sports and activities were being enjoyed by the tourists there, including parasailing, water ski, banana ride and others. I was thrilled to view the ambience of the place. The breathtaking view of waves coming to and fro through shore and back, overwhelming sight of children making sand castles, people lying on the sand and just chilling out, taking a dip in water, tremendous view of few persons parasailing over the sea was so enthralling, that I could even rejuvenate myself just by looking at the people enjoying their selves. We spent time enjoying the charming sunset over there and commenced our journey back to hotel, that was nearly 12 kilometers from the Cenang beach.

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After spending a quality time at the beach and clicking plethora of pictures, we went for street shopping. We got fairly good deals there. We bought many soveigners for ourselves, family and friends too. While returning back to the hotel, we enjoyed aesthetic sights out from the taxi. We thoroughly enjoyed our first evening in Langkawi. We took our dinner at the hotel itself and planned to spend some time along the sea, that was just along the boundary wall of the hotel and spent a few minutes at the pool side too, that was so relaxing to make our tiredness of whole day vanish instantly.

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For the next morning, we planned a trip to Sky Cable Car, that is supposed to be the most thrilling spot in Langkawi. The alluring sights of mountains and lush green forest from such an altitude is pleasing to the eyes. The view of sky cable car is most ravishing in the early evening, so we planned accordingly and went to the Eagle Square first, that embarks a huge sculpture of an eagle in a taking off position. Eagle is happened to be a significant specie in Langkawi island. We had a good time there and shopped for a few more items at a shopping hub near to Jetty point, where the cruises and boats take halts, that is alongside the premises of the Eagle Square. We shopped a bit there.

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Underwater world in Langkawi is a remarkable sight to enjoy. The pleasing view of a variety of sea creatures, makes everyone astonished with the hues, textures and patterns. This sight is surely a treat to the eyes.

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The next, we went out for the Mangrove tour. Everyone we asked about places worth visiting in Langkawi, praised Mangrove tour a lot. We decided to take a tour of this one and to our surprise, it was really worth watching. This tour has been designed in a way to make the visitors know about Langkawi. The private or shared based boats can be hired according to one’s preference, we hired a private boat.

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The fish farm, eagle watching and feeding session was incredible. The small sub-islands could be seen there like I remember one named, ‘Shoe Island’ , that was in the shape of a shoe. Some people can enjoy kayak over there but we chose to relish the sceneries through the motor boat. The bat cave tour was exciting enough to give us chills. The sight of aqua hued Andaman Se was delightful and the best moment till then for the whole day. We also visited the famous Kilim Geoforest Park.

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As for now, we have visited many places, but there was just an early evening time, exactly the one we intended for the Sky Cable Car ride. That journey was heavenly for us. We completely enjoyed our way to Sky bridge, through the incredible gandola ride. We reached the top station that was located on a huge mountain from the base station. Then we followed a trail to Sky Bridge. The walk on the suspension bridge was astonishing. The sights all around were a feast for the eyes of course. We took many pictures for the memories and enjoyed spending some leisure time there, exploring the beauty and technology.

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Then we returned back to the base station through the cable car and took our way to Art in Paradise- 3-D Art, Langkawi. The beautifully created 3D museum can never be missed for being so realistic. Then we headed to the Sky dome, where its short 15 minutes movie was informative enough. The Sky Rex was a realistic experience. The virtual reality at its best, is all I can say.

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There was late evening till then. We quickly took a ride back to the famous Tanjung Rhu beach, with the finest sand and exceptionally gorgeous views. We decided to spend our evening there, complimenting the sunset. The memories are so fresh even today that I can hear the crashing sound of waves along with the alluring sight of sunset.

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There are many activities for the people who like adventures and the place is a boon for the sea food lovers with a versatile range of items available. The snorkelling is a must try along with island hopping in Langkawi for the ultimate fun.

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The thoughts about the Langkawi tour activates my vacay mode and my desire to visit the place again will remain triggered till the time I visit the place again. The perfect blend of splendid mountains and relaxing beaches could be best enjoyed in Langkawi island.

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