First time only comes once and the first international trip will certainly give butterflies to your stomach. Enormous questions tickle your mind before you head to a new place. Vacations are always fun but safe voyages are imperative, which calls for the need to acquire required information to ensure a secure ‘get-away’. Updated knowledge and vigilance can do wonders by safeguarding your trip. A few conventional concerns that tend to strike the brain while planning a trip could be related to essential documents, bookings, some significant stuff to carry along and intended planning for the tour.

Basic requirements and informative advances for visiting abroad


The number 1 requirement for visiting any other country is passport. Citizens of a country require valid passport for visiting other countries except for a few neighboring countries, which don’t demand passport from specific citizens.


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Most of the countries demand visa from the visitors except for a very few that allows a “VISA FREE” entry to tourists. Some countries offer “VISA ON ARRIVAL” while most of countries request a procedure to be followed before granting a visa. VISA DENIALS are quite common and a deep research in this regard is vital to assert VISA APPROVAL.


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Different airlines offer divergent duration of flights and prices for the same travel dates and location. It is tricky to book cheaper flight tickets according to your preferences but there is a short tip related to it, that always search for flights in incognito tab to avoid cache of your searches. It can somehow save you from booking expensive tickets for yourself.


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Taking the travel insurance can be beneficial for you in case of flight delays, baggage loss and (God forbid) in case of accidents. You must opt for travel insurance during flight booking to avoid any unpleasant experience during such incidents.


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Go through the “BAGGAGE AND FARES RULES” section of the specific airlines while booking your tickets to make the best choice for yourself. In case of low cost carriers, investigate the permitted luggage clauses as most probably these airlines charge extra for check-in baggage.


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Research for the vaccination requirements (if any) before visiting any new country due to climatic variations, to avoid sickness during and after vacation.

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The immigration rules and essential documents like: Passport, flight tickets, etc. should be kept handy and safe. The frequently asked questions while immigration include:

  • Where are you going?
  • What is your purpose of the visit?
  • Who are you going with?
  • The amount of money you have?
  • Where will you stay there?

In this case, you need to present your hotel booking receipts (if case comes).

  • When will you return?

In this case, you need to present your return tickets besides answering the questions.

After this short interview session, you get your visa on your home country’s airport. In case of VISA ON ARRIVAL, the questions  may slightly change, but the essence of asking the questions remains same.

Every country has different rules for immigration, check for these rules before visiting the one.


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International travel cards are a better option for commuting within the location abroad for hassle free roaming but always keep some cash besides travel card as taxi drivers or other local transport means may demand cash only. Also, keep in mind to carry some cash through airport transfers as for many purchases you need cash, such as for visa, local sim, and food at small eateries.

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You can get the fair exchange rates at local banks and ATM’s as compared to airport vendors and local money Exchangers but keep yourself updated about the ATM charges. The money Exchangers at various locations are mostly insecure as they can mislead you by giving lesser rates or fake currency, which is ultimately your loss. It’s better to get your money exchanged through authorized means such as banks and ATM’s.

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Not every bank allows credit/ debit card access at international boundaries, so confirming about it from your bank is most desirable to avoid any confusion.

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Once you have planned your visit, book your hotel, guest room or hostels to grab the best deals. Select your accommodation according to your budget, priority, location and amenities.  and are great accommodation booking sites.

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Prior booking of taxis relieve you from the stress of finding taxi every other time and it also helps in convenient airport transfers and easy travelling through busy roads. is one of such useful booking sites.


Booking of tickets beforehand can relieve you from wasting time standing in the long queues at crowded tourist locations and at better prices as well.

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