Talking to strangers can be an arduous task for some people while few people keep themselves engaged in communicating with others and thoroughly enjoy this activity. For the ones who are visiting abroad, I would like to share tips for bridging the communication gap.

  • Learn a few basic words in the local language of place you are visiting

This fun activity not only enhances the vocabulary but practicing a few greetings in the local language can lead to pleasurable encounters.

  • Google translate- your personal interpreter

Translating some sentences using Google translate is a common practice and it acts as a life saver when no other option works.

This way you can also engage yourself in fun activities with local people.



Well, as all fingers are not the same, encounter with a wrong person can be expected anywhere and at anytime, so there is a need to remain alert in this respect. Meeting with strangers can be annoying at few instances and it might be an unpleasant experience. I would suggest to do a little research beforehand to avoid any such awkward situation.

  • Stay updated about common practices at the location, abroad.

Keep yourself updated about religious and socio-cultural practices about the place, so that you might not end up in hurting someone’s sentiments.



BONUS TIP: Some of the scams are frequently observed in specific countries. Please be alert about such scams.

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