Why is it so hard to wave good bye to the one you love the most! Though the time span for which you are apart is short, it still makes you sad. No matter how strong you remain, when the time comes to bid goodbye, it becomes tough. Being excited for your journey may not even work at the moment.


This is the story of a girl who is going to her hometown alone after her marriage. She is excited to meet her parents, see her home, room and all the stuff she used to spend time with, before marriage. But at the same time, she gets sad as she is leaving her family and husband alone for some days. Her husband might enjoy when she is not around or might even create a clutter in their room ūüėÄ but after all he gets an alone time after her wife leaves the house for a few days. That time can become the party time and re- bachelor time, but yes to remind yourself, that’s for few days only. You will have to bear all her gossips, mischiefs and shopping of course, very soon.


After all this, it still comes to your mind that you are leaving your loved ones behind. It is always hard to say good bye and it will be but it is an obvious part of life, you will also enjoy these moments when you are far away. Soon, you are going to be together and spend lovely time in teasing each otherūüėč

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