Life is full of surprises and twists. It finds its way somehow to surprise us. Sometimes, we get that bombshell in a positive way and sometimes in the most unexpected way. One such incident occurred when I was traveling to Langkawi island with my husband. We planned our vacation precisely, made all the bookings, arrangements and research of course but the surprises get along with us every time. Life has its own way to amaze us.


So, our journey commenced from New Delhi. We had to take a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and then we were having a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. We reached well before time, did all the formalities and enthusiastically started waiting for the boarding call. We had been constantly keeping an eye on the screen flashing details of the flights. The check-in counter had not opened yet, we waited for a long time. Then, I became somewhat irritated for not getting any update, so, I went to see the screen to check the current status. To my surprise, our flight had got delayed by nearly 2 hours. I informed my husband about that. We both got impatient but what else could we do except waiting for the check-in counter to open.

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After taking the boarding passes, the happiness strike us again. “Yes, finally our journey is going to start soon.” We started taking pictures, visited the shopping outlets at the airport, got inside the duty free shops for shopping and thus, filled ourselves back with the exhilaration that seemed to be lost for the last few minutes. That enthusiasm seemed to have returned back to us. Also, it was our first International trip, so the level of excitement was a bit higher. We started exploring things around us. We had just 2 days with ourselves to spend in Langkawi and from there we had to leave for Kuala Lumpur. We had a stay there for 3 more days to enjoy our other part of the vacation.

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When we boarded the plane, our level of thrill reached yet another level and we fantasized about the beautiful place we will land just after a 4 and half hour journey. That was a delightful experience when the plane was crossing over the sea. The words could fall short to explain how we felt when we reached Kuala Lumpur airport. We interrogated about our connecting flight to Langkawi from the Inquiry section.


Another surprise was waiting for us there, as we got to know that because of our first flight that got delayed, we can not take the immediate next flight to Langkawi that was supposed to take off within a hour from now. We had been shifted to the next flight to the place, that was scheduled after 4 hours from now. This was getting too much for us to handle then. We got frustrated due to the issue that arose. We gathered our sigh back and decided not to spoil our mood and disturb our plan due to the incident. Eventually, we were hungry and started to find some good vegetarian restaurant or cafe at the Airport. We had to struggle a bit to find our meal. However, we enjoyed our meal as we had taken the last meal a few hours back in the plane and after this hassle we had to energize ourselves back.

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The next half of our journey started after spending a few extra hours at the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Though the Airport is a lovely place, we just wished this ‘Airport trip’ comes to an end soon. After we boarded the plane, we got thrilled by the experience that was awaited. For this 1 hour journey, we didn’t have much to do as we couldn’t do anything except looking at the breathtaking views outside. After nearly 40-45 minutes in the flight, we could imagine how beautiful the place actually is. The time span for which we were flying just above the sea was splendid. We thoroughly enjoyed the mesmerizing sights from the plane. When we alighted the plane, finally we could feel the essence of the place. “Yes, we are on an exquisite island now. We are going to have fun”, we thought.

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When we reached the baggage reclaim area, we got the biggest shock out of all these little surprises till now. We didn’t receive one of our suitcases. “Oh my God! What the hell is this!! On a vacation and this shock! Can’t bear more God, please say that’s not true. ” Eventually, this is the reality and we have to believe that life is like this. So, we decided not to take this to heart and shop from the place, keep some memories of the place and enjoy our vacation in the limited time had been left with during this journey to Malaysia.


We get surprises everywhere and everyday, now or then. Take these twists of life story positively and be happy in every situation. These are simple pleasures of life. Enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey of life.

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