On my journey to Delhi, by train, I came across a group of 3 ladies. They were going to attend a wedding then, I suppose. Those ladies were already seated on the two seats, both 3-seater when I entered the coach. So, I took my place, that was the window seat and eventually the last one they left for the one, it was supposed to be.

Right from the beginning, the group of aunties started chitchat that continued till we reached our destination. It all started with their talk about what was going to be in the wedding they were soon to be a part of. Many assumptions about the bride, groom, their families, the type of wedding were made and all the gossip about those miscellaneous persons was going on.

Then the interesting part came. One of those ladies said that she didn’t even want to go there earlier because her sister in law was also coming, and she had the habit of putting nose in others business, and then suddenly, she said the most famous dialogue all Punjabis say! “Chal sanu ki”, that means, “Leave it, what we have to do”. It made me laugh so hard that one of those aunties sitting beside me, even got a hint that I had listened to their talk. But that’s not my fault. Whosoever had sit there, would definitely get to listen to their conversation even if one didn’t wish to. (laughs)

I immediately turned my head and put on earphones and started listening to songs, as if neither did I listen to anything nor I had interest in listening to it. Hardly a minute had passed, when another woman started talking so loud that I could listen to her voice, through my earphones with music on. Just imagine the volume she had..

Somehow I managed not to listen to their conversation, though it was quite tough (giggle). After a relaxing 10-15 minutes nap, that I took, again, some of their voices hit my ears. And this time, it was of much higher frequency. Now, something hilarious had come up, that actually made me laugh heartily. Then two of those aunties, sitting next to me, passed me a big smile and their smile made me much happier.

I must say, that was really a very sweet group of ladies. They made my journey a little interesing that could have been boring without this laughter sessions. In fact, those ladies did a great deed. Their sound of laughter has stuck into my head ( for good reasons), to such an extent that even today I smile remembering their faces, voice and smile 😊

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One should do whatever one likes and remain happy that way. Learn to spread smiles whenever it’s possible!

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