To the world that runs, I couldn’t find words,
to let them see, what I always feel..

They are the ones for whom we live,
is this right to sacrifice our peace..!!

I don’t understand , why we are doing so,
We are just making others control our soul..!!

Why is this happening, this is not right..
Within ourselves, is the ultimate happiness lying..

Try to see this cheerful thing, that’s calling you from inside.
Don’t be a puppet to anyone, stop listening to your mind…

Listen to your heart, that is who is always right,
Never let people measure your value, as they don’t have the means.

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The society, the people, for whom we live,
It doesn’t let us achieve our dreams..

Is it right to keep on doing only what they want,
We have freedom to live and listen to our heart..

We have to stand by society ,
but never let our soul feel down..

There are millions in number,
How can you do everything they want,

Make yourself happy, and leave the rest..
This is essence of life, to enjoy the trends..

Only we have the ability to make ourselves happy,
no body is gonna take you to that journey

Life is beautiful don’t waste it for others,
people for whom you live, might not be by your side forever..

Stay within society, as we all are one,
They should compliment you, it is an integral part..

Don’t make it a habit to accept whatever comes,
Do stand for your rights and never bear wrong..

We will not let anyone take over the charge,
As it is the high time to be enough strong…


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