Story of a person overhearing conversations through other side of wall 🏠

I lived in a rented apartment, with a group of two other friends. When I used to leave for work, I usually heard some kind of noise from the other side of wall of our living area. This wall was connected to another apartment, where lived a married couple ( I guess), as I hadn’t met them but had heard their voices only. Neither me, nor my friends had interacted with any of them, but had seen a man who might be in his early thirties, whom we assume to be the bread-earner of the family, as the lady did the home chores and didn’t come out.

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We used to overhear some conversations, in the free time, for fun. Sometimes, it sounded like a typical home, where the ‘husband- wife’ fights usually occurs. Once, it sounded weird to us, while the man started discussing about the plan of eloping from home along with his girlfriend. We doubted the man of having an extra marital affair with some other girl.

Next day, I made a plan, along with my friends to expose him, in front of his wife. We went to his house knocked the door, the man himself came out and very surprisingly asked us, “yes, who are you? ” We said that we are his neighbours and we want to meet his wife, as we know that he (that man) is having an extra marital affair. The man let us come into his home and made us sit in the living area. He got inside the kitchen and brought some cold drinks and chips to serve us. We asked him again to call his wife, as we need to talk to her only. He very gently, pointed his finger to the wall next to us, and showed us some trophies and pictures. When we stood up from the sofa, and looked at each of them, we came to know, that he is an actor. He has got many awards and does mimicry very well. Suddenly, that person asked us in the feminine voice , “So, how do you like my husband’s work?” We all laughed so hard that our jaws began to hurt badly.

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