I had always followed the mantra “to be a girl by mind, a woman with attitude and a lady by class” , however, I had always been a kid by heart. I never knew the importance and level of seriousness I must adapt in life at that moment.

I used to get highly influenced by all the girly stuff that I used to see on my random mall visits, or whatever good caught my eye at that time, I bought it, without thinking for even a second. That ways, I bought a lot of things, that were actually in bulk and had gone useless for me at one point. I always got swayed by those discounts, sales, coupons and variety of products available on those shopping apps. I just remained shopping needlessly.

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Then one day, I realized how have I been spending hard-earned money of my parents and family. When I, myself started to work and earn money, I understood its worth. However, I still shop for myself and my loved ones but, now I have seen a change in myself. I have started spending wisely. However, I never leave my any wish to buy something, ungranted, to myself (laughs).

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I became a more responsible person in life, started to think about future needs and save money for my dreams, that I am fulfilling now.

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The day I started earning myself, that transformed me from a girl to a woman, and yes, of course, a lady by class.

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