Juveniles who are proven guilty under the law and are spending their time in the specialized centers face a lot of mental health issues. They miss out on their moral values which are taught in this stage. They may not get education, that is the most important part of life, and miss the sports and games like other children do. Once they get released from juvenile homes, they have to face the world and will have to work for their livelihood.

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 During their stay in prison, some of them get affected by the mental disorders. They may start feeling abandoned, deserted, worthless. They get negatively affected due to the environment they live in. Some of them get stubborn and act weird to get their demands met. The may lose their interest in life and can get suicidal thoughts.

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In order to help children in this, they should be treated well and given a fair chance to study, play, adapt skills, so that they can earn well and become independent. They should not be deprived of basic facilities that every child needs. Yes, they are offenders but they need to be treated ethically.

A few Correctional officers should be employed to keep a check on their activities. They must ensure that children get good time to spend outdoors, in nature and with mates. They shouldn’t be kept within cell only. They should monitor their activities so that if anyone faces symptoms of personality disorders, it can be treated early, so that no child gets mental trauma or face mental health issues, and we may see a bright future of children in our country.

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