How would the world look if we get to know what other person is thinking! What would be the situation, if one can read the thoughts in other’s mind.

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There lives a well educated woman who over-thinks about several issues. One of her fantasies is to be able to read other person’s mind or if others can interpret her thoughts quickly, as she finds it difficult to make others understand her set of mind and intellectual talks.

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One day, the woman goes for shopping and meets her friend on the way after a few years.

She addresses her as “Hi beautiful, How are you?” The other woman gets to know about what’s in that woman’s mind actually and she responds by saying, “Ya, I am exactly like you”, with a winking smile on her face.


The first lady gets confused on receiving this answer.

Nevertheless she ignores this, and moves to the next part of conversation and says,”How is your mother-in-law?” (P.S. This lady already knows that the lady’s relations with her mother-in-law are not up to the mark, still she asks about it). To this, that lady replies “Oh, she is sweeter than yours”

On hearing this, that woman tries to escape the place by saying “Good day, I have to reach somewhere urgently”, as she gets a clue that the other lady can read her thoughts. To her ‘Good day’ the lady even replies by saying “ya ya just like yours is going”


The lady comes back to her home perplexed. Her husband sees her worried and asks her what happened! She says “nothing, I just met an old weird friend, she had lost her mind, was talking rubbish, so I came back”. After hearing her words, her husband says “Why did you ask her about her mother-in-law?” Listening this, the woman loses her control and somehow avoids the situation.

She reaches her room where her daughter comes and says, “Mom, the grandmother wants to talk to you, she is waiting for you in her room”. The lady goes to her mother-in-law’s room and asks her if she wants to talk to her. To this, she replies “Yes, your sister-in law is coming with her family now. Prepare food and complete the required arrangements”. Listening to this, the lady thinks “She had just came the last week, why is she coming so early again!” But she says, “Okay, I am going in the kitchen now for the preparations”. Listening to her reply, her mother-in-law utters “Why do you go to your parent’s home every week?” The lady gets stunned and before she can say anything clearly, she returns to her room.


Her head starts aching and she lies on the bed and falls asleep, her husband wakes her up and asks her “Why are you murmuring in sleep and who can read your thoughts”. The lady thinks of all the instances that happened to her in the day and her husband keeps on staring at her as if he doesn’t know anything. The lady thinks, “I will test once if everything is normal now and knowingly thinks evil of her sister – in – law and speaks “I am waiting for your sister to come, I am missing her, where is she?” To this, her husband replies “She misses you the same way you do”.

The lady faints and instantly wakes up from her dream. Seeing no one around and realising everything that happened was a dream. It took her a few minutes to understand everything. When she comes back to her conscious she thanks the God for no one being able to read other person’s thoughts and keeping the world living happily.

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