I had always been a dreamy girl, I used to fantasize about holidaying at beaches, snow covered mountains , and doing many adventurous sports but when I woke up to the reality, I saw that some girls are not given right to follow their dreams. The society doesn’t allow you to live in the way you want. All this is working adversely for me too. My parents are getting over protective. Their behavior is not letting me breathe properly, I feel suffocated, I can’t feel anything. I don’t have permission to stay overnight with my friends, I mean girl friends, as “you can’t trust anybody these days..!!” Oh really!

Wait..!! Please stop it now.. how long will I be able to tolerate all this. I am much responsible, I know my limits but what is this.. I am not going to tolerate it anymore.. I want to see the places of my dreams.. but I can’t wait for my parents to fix my marriage with a person I don’t even know.. no no no, I am not ready for this torture. First I’ll get married and then I’ll be allowed to go on a holiday ..what’s this logic..!! I don’t want to go on a honeymoon, I want a solo trip.. let me go now.. I want to live it in my way, not like others do. I want to feel the cool breeze, I want to see the snow, the beaches, but I can’t wait for my marriage, for all this. I want to do it right now. The mountains and beaches are calling me. Hold on, please.. I am just on the way!

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I can feel the fresh air, when I open eyes, I can see the white snow covered mountains, the sunrise and the sunset. The blue water of beach and the beautiful hills. This is so good to be true. I am a free bird now. I can fly , really high.. and even higher, to see this beautiful place, where I have come.. That’s so pretty, the roads are covered with flowers and colorful trees are everywhere on the edge of roads, enhancing this natural view. It’s really mesmerizing. I can’t go from here. I want to stay here forever.. Yes..!! I am enjoying, I am alive, I am so happy, I am living my life..!!

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Trrrrrrrr.. . Ohh God! What happened..!! The ‘wake up alarm’ rang. What the hell is that! What..!! What happened, where am I.. I was at a beautiful place , what’s this.. where am I , who teleported me to this place, bed.. this is not where I was sleeping.. Sleeping, oh my God..! What kind of prank was that.. I was dreaming.. No! Please say, now I am in a dream and those beaches and mountains , is my real life. Please God , take me to that place now.. please God! (Heavy sigh)

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