With a lot of good thoughts in our mind, we plan a holiday and start preparing for it. Buy new clothes, accessories, to capture the best moments of your holiday. With all the excitement running through our mind, we do all the arrangements, get the tickets booked , the room booking, the cab is arranged, task list is prepared. The different food items, shopping and fun activities are waiting.. We go through the long procedure of check-in, security check on the airport, everything is done, then we board the plane, excited about the trip that is just a few hours away.

You are enjoying the place in your dreams…but sorry to pop the bubble, when you reach the airport, you don’t receive your luggage..!!!!! Now what..! You say.. “what’s this..?” “This can’t be true..!” , “Where is my luggage, l the things that I bought , where are my new clothes, what I am supposed to do now. I m on a holiday! Or what..! Is it a dream! O god..! What happened..! Now what.?? How I am going to enjoy my holiday!!”

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You somehow hold your breath and start looking for the possible ways, why your luggage has not arrived and what are the steps to bring that back.. Your mind, starts working in this direction now. All the excitement gets vanished. You are provided with a form to fill in, for the lost luggage details, and you start waiting for the airlines to contact you and say that your luggage is reaching you soon…!! Where are the holidays God! Have I come here, to find the luggage I have brought , that these airlines have lost..!! (sigh)

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