A girl who faces mental torture and physical abuse but comes outside with a smile on her face..

” I was a baby when I was yet to be born,
I was labeled as a girl, the day I was born..
No one was happy to see me at that time, because they wanted a boy child.”

A girl named, Rani was born to a family that wanted a boy child. She was not loved the way her brother was loved by her family, but she really was a princess for her mother.

” The day I came to the world, they got biased,
Put me pink dresses, Why..!! because I am a girl..

The day my brother came, was celebrated, but the day I came, was not a big day..!!”

The other members of her family and the society leaves no stone unturned to let her down and kill her dreams to touch the sky. She is not given a choice to choose her career and live her dreams.

” I liked blue but, I am a girl I should only like pink,
Does the color depict what I really feel..!!”

I love football, but I can’t play..

I should learn to make round (gol) chapatis,

I shouldn’t take a goal on field.

The day comes, when Rani’s family starts looking for the right partner for her, to get her married. She wants to become an ‘Air hostess’ and touch the sky but her family wants her to get married.

” Just because I am a girl, I need a man’s name to put besides mine, to prove my identity.. “

No one allowed her to follow her dreams of becoming an ‘Air hostess’, and she was forced to kill her dreams and obey to what her family says. She left her dream far away, that could never be achieved then.

” Is this fair to kill my every dream,
I don’t have a life of my own, I need to do what others want,
Just because I am a girl.. Is it really fair..!!” 

Rani gets married and her family, home and life, everything gets changed. She is a house wife, she cooks food for her husband and other family members. She does all the household chores, goes to shopping but.. groceries only. She does every possible effort to make her family happy. She is no more than a maid in the house now. She is ill- treated and beaten up by her husband. Even if she tries to elope from her home, where will she go. She has no other house, as her maternal family doesn’t allow her to break her relations with her husband’s family, as what would society say. Who will re-marry a divorcee! All of these questions make her depressed. “How difficult it is, being a girl”, she thinks..

” They said.. don’t do this, as you can’t,
They told me to study well, what’s the purpose
I am just in the kitchen of my home..

Making chapatis, mopping the floor and cleaning utensils,
Is this the life I really deserve..!! Just because I am a girl…

All the torture that she bears, doesn’t let anyone see what she goes through daily. She doesn’t know, when will it end..! She is having a little hope of life, that is growing inside her, she is going to be a mother and going to have a daughter soon. She is sad, tensed about her daughter’s future. She can’t let her live the type of life she lived. She decides to end her life and let the child not to see this cruel world as the baby girl is safe in the God’s heaven..!!

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