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Amidst every evolving technology, AI promises its par excellence solutions to most of the complex business problems. AI is ultimately the future of digital marketing. The pace at which AI is advancing, it will certainly excel the digital marketing strategies in a short while. Not only AI is an inevitable part of enhanced future digital products, so is it for the companies to impart their clients with the worthy insights.

The relationship between AI and digital marketing is inseparable in this scenario as the customers get influenced by the features extensively and would never compromise the personalized experience they get.

The way AI is transforming digital marketing scenario

AI impacts the way of digital advertising is perceived these days as digital marketing today has transfigured into an immense field which continues developing quickly.

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Let’s take a moment to think of a list of persons who are not on social media, then you will turn out to enumerate very few as most of them would have already developed their online presence in a way or another.

 Traditional digital media platforms are getting blindsided with respect to the single touch of the phone which connects one to this enormous network of people. It clearly depicts the fact that how far a single piece of information would be spread.

“The time has changed tremendously and now, it’s all about a good marketing strategy, an internet connection and the standard web design skills, which are capable of competing in the digital era”.

Every business entity is now looking for either buying a digital media space to cater to potential audience’s requirements or creating engaging content just the way consumers want to perceive. AI has revolutionalized the era of digital marketing as with the increasing need of potential customers. As the human competency to deal with gross information falls short, here comes the AI to survival through its outstanding features such as: accumulation of data, analysis and its application to present the optimal results before the user.  

How AI benefits digital marketing

“Retaining consumer’s attention is vital to ensure the increasing sales and for this reason, somehow, AI appears in the picture, by efficiently analyzing user’s interests”.

Digital advertisement: In the age of digitization, every advertisement campaign has already shifted to online medium. It has not only taken the hold of the vital parts of advertising but has also been approved as the most reliable solution to eliminate the loopholes in existing digital advertising.

Enhanced user experience: If the technology has advanced tremendously, so do the users have. The users have become much more capable of making optimal decisions, which apparently raises the bar of expectations; the users have from the technology. AI has undergone a revolutionized transformation in imparting the users with a great experience and facilities. Not only the features offered by today’s marketing solutions have benefitted the professionals but has also targeted a considerable benefit for the users by providing an ease of accessing the social media platforms, search engines, applications and websites.

Predicting sales and increased ROI: Considering the benefits of digital marketing in the near future, the Rate of Investment is on a rise, as the AI has enabled much professionals in digital marketing to predict the audience, sales, feasibilities for a specific brand. This can be possible by assessing the kind of content users get indulged in and by presenting their own ads on the same platforms the users render. Not only this way the professionals and owners of a brand get benefitted from the users getting onto their website, page or app; but they also make money through ‘pay per click’ formula, which generates some additional money for them.

Targeting potential customers optimally: AI not only gathers the data of users coming back and again on specific pages but also make sure that that the user clicks on their ads through precisely designed algorithms besides keeping a track of user’s gender, age and demographics.

How is AI the only savior of digital marketing?

In busy schedules, no one gets time to scroll every bit of the search results to find what exactly one would like to view, moreover, just the first 3-4 results shown up by the Google gets much attention. Eventually, the most relevant content coming up to you would have the most power to make you look at that once; and it’s a fact that, no one can skip an extensively engaging content which pops up during random scrolling on your mobile. All these are algorithms that work behind, to make people see what they actually want, all thanks to AI.

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“Have you ever noticed how those ads keep following you on different social media platforms?”

Well, the answer lies in the revolutionized digital marketing followed by a company who has spent a gross amount in publishing these ads around the internet.

Reading user’s mind:

Seems really true when you search something on Google, suppose a flight ticket to the most ravishing island Florida, the AI is so strong, it records which tickets you just checked and that too with the dates you wish to travel, and even when you have lost interest in that flight tickets, somehow, your Facebook or other apps doesn’t seem to be forgetting that any time soon; and presents before you that same flight at an affordable price with a fancy tagline that you tend to open any time soon because of that attractive price that instantly catches your eyes!

“ Not to mention, these ads are purposely pushed on to your digital media, as AI is keeping an eye on your activities to present you exactly what you wish!”

Now, looking at the other side of the coin, let’s assume a scenario in which you are the owner of a travel company and you wish to attract maximum number of users to book tickets from your site. Think!

 What will you do? And what’s the best way to do that? Won’t that be digital media?

What do you think! Well, yes, digital media is what we always look for, to reach the target audience of your products. Eventually, it can be achieved through AI as it is the future of digital marketing.

Optimal Search:

Here comes the most interesting part of digital marketing – ’the search engines’.

Ever wondered how the search engines answer your queries!

 And if you are thinking of saying that it’s because of digital marketing, then, you’re absolutely right; it is the AI which is targeting digital media to land that specific business on the first page of your results.

It’s the magical SEO, which apparently is the digital marketing service.

AI has also transformed the way searches are performed now! Google’s searches are revolutionized with the introduction of voice search and the most favorite innovations, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana lets the user search with just a voice command.

Interactive Chatbots:

Chatbots are a thing now! You may have noticed how quickly a chat window opens when you open an e-commerce website. The chatbots are extensively programmed to answer most of your questions. How is this possible? Well, this is a pre-programmed set of statements which are popped in the chat window after identifying a certain keywords in your typed query.

To make it clearer, let’s take an example, suppose you opened an e-commerce website that offers a range of services like: website development, bulk SMS, email marketing, social media management and several others.

Now, when you have just opened their website, without any delay, a pop up will appear which would grab your attention, for sure. When you click that pop up, the standard question “how may I help you?” will be up.

Without thinking much about what you want, you will simply enter a query, stating, ‘Website development price’ or ‘website charges’ or ‘website package” or something like that!

No wonder, you have a query regarding the quote for website development. Now, the pre-programmed bot will pick up the keywords and scan its database and present you with a standard reply for the same.

The chatbots are even in use these days as it is an interactive medium for the consumers and a few basic queries are solved within a few minutes of scrolling. AI deserves all the praise for creating such mediums and this is the near future of digital marketing strategies.

Final words

AI is an incredible technology which has not made the businesses more accessible online but has also enhanced their digital presence. AI is not less than a priceless tool for digital marketers as it has a lot to offer to its users. Far beyond all the benefits imparted by AI, incorporating providing the most relevant recommendations to customers, most efficient search systems and exemplary customer services, there is much more to experience in the future. AI is nonetheless a boon to the professionals which enable them to enhance their brand; and grow their name and Fame by meeting the expectations of their customers.

Though AI is already ruling the world through its valuable digital Marketing tool, but the best is yet to come. As the advancements in the technology are on a hike these days, we never know what the AI would be holding for us in the future.

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